SL-700 high pressure cement mortar spray machine – ម៉ាស៊ីនបាញ់បាយអរ


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1.Solid and Portable
The body is made by iron, and the bottom with 4 wheels, easy to take along.
2.Easy to use and repairSpray gun
used for conveying and closed particles coating materials which is less than 2mm.Under the combination of air compressor, atomizing the material, and spraying evenly on the surface of the building.
Grouting Packer do the function of conveying and closing couting material. Slurry the material into building interior, to achieve the effect of waterproof and stop leakage.
Proper Structure can be repaired to avoid stopping working caused by the repair can be avoided.
3.Fast speed and efficient
Speed up to 1200RPM, more efficient.
4.Less waste, less manpower.
Hopper design material container, original Hitachi D13VG Drill, adjustable and high torque, suitable for one gear when in using,less waste and manpower.

TEM NO. SL-700
Net Weight/Gross Weight:   21.00/27.00kgs
Drill Power:  800W/220v
Flow:(L/Minute)  1-10L
Granular material:  Less than 2mm
Speed:(RPM)  0-1200
Pressure:(kgs)  20.00
Packing Measurement:(CM)  78x51x96CM
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