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5118 SUMO, less vibration Rotation Air sander, 5″


roduct details of Air sander 5″ model 5118 SUMO, less vibration. Rotation speed up to 12,000 RPM

  • All types of sanding work, deburring, deburring, color peeling, depending on the type of sanding disc.
  • For use with 5 inch sanding discs (without holes)
  • Rotation speed up to 12,000 RPM
  • little vibration

GPO 950 POLISHER – ម៉ូទ័រប៉ូលា 950W BOSCH


First vertical polisher from Bosch!

  • Powerful polishing ensured by 950 W power input
  • Fatigue-free usage due to optimised design of vertical shape for polishing
  • Precision for all applications due to 600~2100 rpm; + -2 rpm with continuously variable speed set-up
  • Smooth polishing process due to soft start & constant speed

INGCO AP14008 Polisher



Input power:1400W

No-load speed:900-3800rpm

Polishing pad diameter:180mm

Durable aluminum gear box

With 1pcs polishing pad

With 1pcs polishing bonnet

S02-R5 SUMO, 15,000 RPM Sanding Machine


2 “pneumatic sanding machine S02-R5

Product features For small designs The escape radius of 5 mm makes it more polished.

Speed ​​15,000 RPM

How to use

Use with 2-inch polishing pads

Suitable for polishing, removing rust and welding smoothness

SUMO 1801 Polishing Machine 7″ Model


Rated Voltage : 220V
Rated Frequency : 50Hz
Rated Input Power : 950W
Size : 14.3x5x16 Max speed : 600-2100 RPM

Sumo 6130-D Air Sanding Machine 6″



Self Vacuum is manufactured with a state-of-the-art machine with high accuracy, providing a accuracy of only 1. The “no wave” provides maximum torque and the lightest sound on the market.

Self Vacuum, manufactured by a high precision productivity machinery, provides 1 micron, smooth surface results, NO WAVE SURFACE, high torque and lightest sound, The best Air Random Orbital Sanders in the market

Made with state-of-the-art machinery, it is only 1 micron accuracy. It can be polished to the surface, smoothest without wave marks, providing maximum torque. And the lightest sound on the market is the best center polisher.

Sumo air sander 5130


Product features

Produced with modern machinery, the accuracy is only 1 micron, therefore can polish the surface as smooth as possible without wavy marks. Providing the maximum torque And the quietest sound in the market, is the best scrubber

How to use Use with a 5 inch polishing pad (without holes).

Suitable for Industrial, Construction, Electrical, Plumbing and Air Conditioning

Suggestions Should be installed together with the air filter To prevent moisture and lubricate the components inside

Sumo headlight polish CP699-1 set

  • Voltage (Voltage Constancy)                               12V.
  • Speed (Available No load About Speed)                   0-2500 / 0-7500 the RPM.
  • A polishing pad (Pad is Size)                            75mm.
  • Capacities (the Capacity)                             2.0Ahx1.
  • Charging time (Charging the Time)   60min.
  • Battery type (the Type the Battery)                    a Li-ion Battery.
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