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846 Cyclops™ 8cm (3.1″) KAPRO Magnetic cast level – កែវស្ទង់ 8cm

  • 1 Plumb Site® Dual View™ vial
  • 2 Finely milled surfaces with V-grooves
  • Rare-earth magnets on each milled surface
  • Durable cast aluminum body
  • Accuracy: 0.5 mm/m (0.0005″/”)
  • Fits in your pocket
  • LENGTH : 8cm
  • WEIGHT : 120g

AP-7255 Tool Apron Set SUMO – អៀម

  • Apron setThe back is coated with PVC, durable, able to prevent water from seeping through the fabric holes.
  • The 600D fabric is stiff, giving the apron a shape and shape to the user.
  • With 16 pockets for carrying various tools Can carry tools with you, making it more convenient to use.Neck strap design And the strap can be adjusted to fit the individual.
  • Suitable for carrying to work in the garden, car garage and mechanic work.
  • It is more convenient for repair work and can prevent stains.

HKTHP21421 INGCO 142PCS COMBINATION TOOL SET ឈុតសម្ភារ:ជាង 142 មុខ


142Pcs Combination Tools Set

Our 142Pcs Combination Tools Set (HKTHP21421) comes in a very simple tool box with tools very easy to  use for precise measurements to suit your everyday activity.

HSL08040 INGCO 40cm Spirit level – កែវស្ទង់ប្រវែង 40cm


Ingco Spirit level – HSL08040

Double side milled
0.5mm/m accurate vials
V-shape slot for measuring objects with round surface
Packed by color sleeve

HTCS271621 INGCO 162PCS MECHANICS TOOL CHEST SET – ទូរសម្ភារ:ជាង មាន 162 មុខ



  • Model: HTCS271621
  • Brand: Ingco
  • 162 Pcs Tool Chest Set
  • Chest part: With 7pcs drawers
  • Overall size:765x465x812mm
  • Overall with casters size:765x465x976mm
  • Casters size:5″”*2″”
  • Thickness of Cabinet: 0.8-1.0mm
  • Thickness of drawer:0.7mm
  • With 5pcs 536x410x74.5mm drawer
  • With 2pcs 536x410x153.5mm drawer

W0597 Wynn’s Shovel – ប៉ែលមុខមូលដងខ្លី


Power lion (wynn’s) W0597 D-type fiber handle shovel multi-purpose shovel garden small steel shovel pointed shovel gardening engineer shovel tipped iron catalpa.

Color : Green

Products Detail : WYNN’S sand cutting shovel sand, 100% genuine, made from good quality steel, thick, strong, durable, thick handle, there is loop for hanging. good weight, not too heavy, not too light.

There are to types in total : point tip / cutting tip

Size : point type total : height 68cm, height for cut 21cm, Width of lad 15cm, The width of scoop 14cm

W41903 WYNN’S TOOL POUCH ការបូបដាក់សម្ភារះជាង

  • Fine sewing with polyester cloth.
  • Unique design, durable and heavy load bearing.
  • Supportive type pocket, easy to take out in different working situation

W41906 WYNN’S TOOL POUCH ការបូបដាក់សម្ភារះជាង


♦ Features: Improve work efficiency, protect tools, prevent dropping, or misplacement
♦ Made of thick 600D Oxford Bucharest, waterproof bag.
♦ Multi-pocket design, the tool bag is easy to use, easy to organize, easy to move.

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