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GAS 18 V-LI SOLO CORDLESS VACUUM CLEANER – ម៉ូទ័រប៉ូមធូលីប្រើថ្មសាក 18V BOSCH


Unleash the power with the cordless 18V vacuum cleaner!

  • High performance and high suction power
  • HEPA filter to protect the user’s health
  • Long run time

KARCHER NT 70/2 Me Classic *SEA WET AND DRY VACUUM CLEANER – ម៉ាស៊ីនប៉ូមធូលី សើមនិងស្ងួត ( សម្រាប់អាជីវកម្មខ្នាតធំ )


With its 70-litre container, the dual-motor NT 70/2 Me Classic wet and dry vacuum cleaner can vacuum large quantities of wet and coarse dirt. With its high suction power and highly efficient cartridge filter, the vacuum cleaner makes light work of all kinds of dust, liquids and coarse dirt. What’s more, the robust vacuum cleaner is fitted with a practical drain hose. The vacuum cleaner offers outstanding mobility thanks to the push handle and extremely robust chassis with metal castors.

Robust and easy to transport
  • Extremely mobile on all surfaces thanks to the robust chassis, large wheels and metal castors.
  • The standard push handle ensures convenient transport.
Excellent suction power
  • 2 powerful turbines ensure outstanding suction power.
  • The strong suction power ensures excellent cleaning results and the utmost efficiency.
Convenient servicing
  • Sensationally fast: the Easy Service Concept allows removal of the turbine in just 44 seconds.
  • The rapid turbine change not only saves an enormous amount of time, but also costs.
Vacuum without filter bags
  • The two-motor NT Classic vacuum cleaners are fitted with the tried-and-tested Kärcher cartridge filter.
  • The cartridge filter enables sustained suction without a filter bag.
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